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Celebrate, celebrate, what are YOU celebrating??? I’ve been realizing that I’ve taken things much too seriously.  So time to see the joy and good in what is going on around me.  I won’t deny that there will always be things … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions. Time to articulate them…

I think I’m ready to articulate a couple of New Year’s resolutions now….
1)  I want to work towards a healthy relationship with food, and a healthy self-image.  I really think a lack of self-acceptance has sabotaged my efforts to get to a healthy weight, and to get healthy.  So I will share with you whatever else the Lord shows me on how to get to this point.  Part of this journey will involve uncovering what is REALLY going on as an emotional (and secret) eater.
Here’s the background for my other resolution….In my quiet time yesterday, the Lord led me to read the Message:  Eccl. 6:7—“We work to feed our appetites.  Meanwhile our souls go hungry.”  It ties in with a couple of questions I encountered on Mark Hyman’s web site (author of Blood Sugar Solution).  What do I really want in life?  What really nourishes me, and how can I take steps to do that nourishing?  So, my second New Year’s resolution is to work on answering these questions, truthfully, for myself.  To find out what appetites I need to starve so I can feed my soul.  
  I’m pretty sure one of these appetites to starve is to stop wasting time on the computer, and invest that time in nourishing ways, whether it be relationships, writing, work around the house (I feel better in a clean, less cluttered house), or exercising, or whatever the Lord shows me.  I also realize I need to kill the secret eating.  It is absolutely a non-nourishing appetite.  
I’d love to hear how others work through these sorts of issues.  Be great to cheer each other on!

Happy New Year!

Nothing like a New Year to take stock of what is really important in life, and to set goals to reflect what is truly important to us.  Here’s believing that we are capable of much more than we know, when we tackle those small and big goals, one step, one bite at a time.

A blessed New Year to any of you reading this!