What are you celebrating???

Celebrate, celebrate, what are YOU celebrating???

I’ve been realizing that I’ve taken things much too seriously.  So time to see the joy and good in what is going on around me.  I won’t deny that there will always be things to grieve, but wow, what’s not to celebrate when God has blessed me with all the things I thought I wanted when I was younger?  Always the opportunity to talk with Him, a God-centered church body, a loving husband, a thoughtful stepdaughter, and four, strong healthy sons.  That’s my gratitude/celebration list for right now.  I’ll add to it.  I want to soak up the goodness that has been showered on me, instead of rushing through it all.

I’m also thinking anew about what people in general celebrate.  Holidays, wins of favorite teams, goals set and achieved, birthdays, accomplishments of friends….

I’m seeing how I’ve chosen not to set goals out of the silly thought that I would “be a failure” if I didn’t hit them the first time.  And this silly thought has persisted even through multiple readings of many great people in history who didn’t get it the first time, but wow, is life different/better? because they didn’t stop at the first “no go.”  Edison, the Wright brothers, numerous people in the medical field, to name just a few.  

TIme to challenge and change these silly thoughts!  


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