Monthly Archives: May 2013

Time.Is.Valuable…..Even Mine!

I had a light-bulb moment yesterday. I finally realized that a big part of why I don’t choose discipline over how I use most of my time is that I have believed the lie that my time has no value. Little background….

Once, I had four boys at home to home school. I felt valuable, needed, a team player. I KNEW what I was doing was important. Now, I’m down to one at home, and he is mostly an independent learner. So he doesn’t need me in his schooling very much. I made the mistake of equating “how much I’m needed for school” with “how much I’m needed, overall.” Ergo, I saw myself as having very little value. Period. Wow. So I had to go toe-to-toe with those lies, one at a time, to recognize the truth.

First lie: I’m only valuable to the degree that I’m needed as I home school. WRONG! I have value, because I am created in God’s image. I am His image bearer. I have the capacity to become increasingly Christ-like, to the degree that I yield to Him. This means love, purpose, creativity, and HOPE, among other things. I have lots to offer, outside of my teaching abilities. I am a PERSON, with many facets, not a “role.” The truth is that God has good plans for me, as I move from home schooling to whatever He has next for me. It’s not just an end of an era, but a beginning of another era. I wonder what good works He has in mind for me in this next “stage” of my life?

Second lie: my time has little-to-no-value. Time is one of the biggest gifts God gave me, and how I invest it now, really matters. I can be building up His kingdom in what I do. I can be caring for His temple. I am expected to be a good steward of all He has entrusted to me, spiritually, emotionally, physically…. this includes everything. Thankfully, I only have to do one thing at a time.

I think there are other lies tangled up in there somewhere, but I’ll soak up these two truths and operate out of them. Too much to focus on is not helpful, for me, anyway.

May you enjoy the gift of time—it is a gift, or why else would it be called “the present?”