Wife of a wonderful man, mother to four awesome boys, and stepmom to a lovely, fun young lady!  I love to share what Jesus has been doing in my life with anybody who will listen, and have a passion to see people (myself included) set free from lies to receive to the full all that Jesus came to give His people.


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  1. Hey Brooke, I really admire your commitment to bring your message of love to others. I too am glad we connected through the TC. keep on bringing it to the people Girl;-)

  2. Hi, Brooke. I’m an American missionary woman living in Ireland. I came to your blog through your recent posts on Red Tent Living.

    Your words have been a “friend” speaking Gospel freedom to me today. I can preach to myself all day long — freedom, rest, belovedness — but when that message is countered so often by a harsh message of law — well, it is easy to regress into a graceless way of thinking and living.

    I believe from your posts that we have been on similar journeys these last five or six years. I’m thankful for the voice of community I found in you today.

    • L, thank you for hearing my heart, and giving me a glimpse of yours. May we both experience in increasing measure the reality of grace and freedom in our journeys. I pray that you can set aside the harsh message of law that keeps countering God’s voice saying, “You are loved! You are enough, so you can stop striving! I delight in you!” Our Enemy wants to keep us small, trapped, but God has a much better plan for us!

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